We pride ourselves on our sophisticated Majestic Ice Melt® blends which provide maximum results that are tailored to your ideal requirements.
Most ice melt products are made from one, or a blend, of five products. Majestic Ice Melt’s® chlorides are less corrosive and highly effective at a variety of temperature levels.  We provide a plethora of blends so that you can take advantage of the benefits regarding your individual needs.

Majestic Ice Melt Benefits:
Color Coated for Visualization During Application
High Performing To Minus 25°F
Less Potential Damage To Concrete
No Messy Carpets
Longer Shelf Life
Safer For Vegetation, Children, Pets and Handling

Our 120,000 square foot warehouse is in Chester, Pennsylvania, strategically placed near the water for import accessibility.  We ship in our salt, dry it and combine with natural ingredients to create our one of a kind collection.  Aside from manufacturing our own products, our relationships with strategic partners across the United States and Canada also allow us to keep our customers best interests at hand and maintain lower costs.
Majestic's products are for everyone and every situation beings they are safer for pets, children, concrete and the environment.  We recommend that you REQUEST A FREE SAMPLE so that you can get a better idea of what our products can offer.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 215-394-0240 or CS1@Majesticp.com.
We look forward to keeping you safe this winter season!